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Car Load Night!:
Every night $20 Carload for the 2020 season, or until further notice.
General Admission:
$20 per Carload, up to 6 people in a car.

Movie Program starts at dusk.

In 2020:
June 5-October 11

Dusk to Dawn Nights!
There will be no Dusk to Dawn nights for 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You must have an FM radio in your car, we broadcast on channel 106.7 FM

199 Forest Lea Road,
Pembroke, Ontario
(613) 732-2136



Now closed for the season.
Thank you for supporting us in 2020!
Re-opening friday, May 21, 2021

Kevin and Kathy Marshall, Skylight Drive-in

Kevin and Kathy Marshall

Weather Pembroke

We now accept TAP for all payments. Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
Credit Cards

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